What is the best way to store vanilla extract?
Vanilla extract is best stored at a cool to moderate room temperature (60-80°F) and in a dark environment. Kitchen cupboards are usually a great place to keep your vanilla extract, as long as you do not store it over a stove or near a heat source. Also, do not store vanilla extract in the refrigerator or freezer as low temperatures will cause vanilla extract to become cloudy.

What is the best way to store my gourmet vanilla beans?
Vanilla beans are best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep vanilla beans away from heat and do not put into the refrigerator or freezer. After you have opened your beans, store them in a closed, airtight container such as a zip lock bag to keep them moist. Also store the opened vanilla beans in cool, dry and dark space.

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Rodelle's vanilla extracts are certified kosher, gluten-free and contain no added sugars. Look for Rodelle vanilla products in your favorite grocery store and online!


What is the shelf life of my vanilla extract?
When stored properly, vanilla extract will keep indefinitely, but using it within five years will allow for best flavor and aroma. Do not refrigerate or freeze, even after opening.

What is the shelf life of my vanilla beans?
When stored properly, two years. Do not refrigerate or freeze, even after opening.


What is the nutritional information of Rodelle Vanilla Extract?
Vanilla extract has insignificant amounts of any nutrience when used at normal levels in cooking and baking; therefore it does not need to have a nutritional fact panel on the packaging. Since one teaspoon or tablespoon of vanilla extract is typically added to a recipe producing many servings, very little vanilla exists in each serving and the quantity of any nutrient added to the recipe is so small it cannot be calculated.

Does Rodelle Vanilla Extract contain any allergens?
Rodelle Vanilla Extract does not contain any form of milk, wheat (including all sources of gluten), soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish, or fish. All Rodelle Vanilla Extract is run on an isolated line to prevent cross contamination.


What is vanillin?
Vanillin is one of over 250 flavor compounds in vanilla. Several tests can isolate and measure the natural vanillin content of pure vanilla extract, making vanillin a useful quality indicator. The best vanillas have high levels of vanillin. Imitation vanilla extracts are made using artificial vanillin, which can be produced from by-products of paper and petrochemical manufacturing.

What is imitation vanilla extract made up of?
Imitation vanilla extracts are made using artificial vanillin, which can be produced from by-products of paper and petrochemical manufacturing.

Why does vanilla extract contain alcohol?
Vanilla extract is required by the government to contain 35% alcohol. Alcohol is the most effective way to extract flavor from vanilla beans, and the alcohol will evaporate when heated in cooking or baking. Liquid vanilla products made without alcohol are called vanilla flavoring.

What type of alcohol is used to make Rodelle Vanilla Extract?
Rodelle Vanilla Extract is made from ethyl alcohol derived from corn. The ethyl alcohol does not contain any corn protein and is also gluten free.

Why do some vanilla extracts contain sweeteners?
Sweeteners in vanilla extract serve multiple functions. Primarily, they are added to interact with the flavor compounds in vanilla which enhance the vanilla flavor and aroma in each bottle.

Do Rodelle vanilla extracts contain sweeteners?
Rodelle's Alcohol Free Vanilla Flavor contains a small amount of cane sugar. This sweetener helps keep the flavor mixed. Rodelle Vanilla Extracts are made without added sugar and sweeteners so that our consumers can add in (or leave out) as much as they desire to finished products.

Is Rodelle Vanilla Extract kosher?
Rodelle Vanilla Extract is kosher certified by Scroll K, a nationally recognized certifying agency that ensures its products are in full compliance with the highest kosher standards. For more information regarding Scroll K: phone number is 303-595-9349 and website is

Does Bourbon mean it has whiskey in it?
No, Bourbon vanilla refers to the original islands where the French colonized and began growing vanilla for cultivation. Today any vanilla grown in the Madagascar region is referred to as “Bourbon” vanilla.

Can I make my own vanilla extract using vanilla beans?
It is a common misconception that you can make your own extract by soaking vanilla beans in vodka or another alcohol. It is not that simple because there are many heating and pressurized elements that vanilla beans go through to make vanilla extract. However, you will end up making a great tasting vanilla vodka recipe!

Why does vanilla extract cost so much more than imitation?
Vanilla is one of the most labor intensive crops in the world. It takes three years for a vine to produce vanilla beans and even when it is ready to flower, the pollination process must be done by hand. Then it takes another year for the bean to grow, be picked by hand, cured and shipped to its destination. Imitation vanillas are made from chemicals and other ingredients that imitate the taste of vanilla but do not go through the same process therefore do not have vanilla’s true flavors.

How to use vanilla paste, vanilla beans and vanilla extract interchangeably? 
Vanilla products can be used in exchange for one another in most recipes. Read more in this helpful blog post! And use our handy measurements guide:
vanilla bean conversion and vanilla paste conversion


Many people think that saffron is the world’s most labor-intensive crop however vanilla beans are also very complex crops. Of 25,000-30,000 orchid species, vanilla is the only one that produces an edible fruit, and each orchid must be hand pollinated within 24 hours of blossoming. Vanilla farmers are often plighted with weather conditions and complex supply chains. We closely monitor market conditions in the growing regions, and we strive to source consistently priced vanilla products of superior quality.

Rodelle is working toward the future by inserting ourselves deeper into the vanilla-growing regions by working directly with farmer cooperatives that will eliminate extraneous costs. Rodelle is committed to doing our part to make an impact by becoming fully sustainable in the vanilla growing regions. Read more about our vertically integrated vanilla supply chain here.