Responsible & Sustainable Vanilla

Our progressive, hands-on approach to vanilla farming.

Responsible & Sustainable Vanilla, the Rodelle way

As one of the largest authentic vanilla extract manufacturers in the US, Rodelle takes pride in being the gourmet extract brand of choice for many devoted bakers and culinary enthusiasts. Our vanilla customers depend on us to supply a consistently excellent product for a fair price, which we ensure through our progressive, hands-on approach to vanilla farming.

The 'rising tide' raises all boats

At Rodelle, we’re committed to product and practice transparency – as well as the belief that success is a team pursuit. We want to be that proverbial “rising tide that raises all boats,” improving quality of life and sharing profits with the farming communities that make our vanilla production possible. It is this perspective that has inspired us to foster direct working relationships with vanilla farmers in Uganda, Indonesia, and Madagascar.

In 2015, we established partnerships with farmer cooperatives in Madagascar. Almost 80% of the world’s vanilla is sourced from Madagascar, where it’s produced and collected from villages in a complex supply chain. To ensure traceability and supply, Rodelle has streamlined the traditional supply chain to bring our customers vanilla direct from the source. Through our partnership, we are the industry’s first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans, rooting our supply chain at the origin source. Our partnership has more than 5,600 registered vanilla farmers across 24 associations in Madagascar. Rodelle pays a fair price for vanilla beans, and establishes a farm-to-table vanilla extract that is traceable through farmer registration and stringent purchasing practices.

Using a mobile system, Rodelle maintains crop traceability via extension workers who collect and share data from each site. This information exchange also enriches the farmers’ experience through agricultural education and the promotion of farming best practices – essential to increase crop yields and establish greater financial stability for the farmers.

Rodelle has also implemented social programs for medical care, food security and water access, and reliable education. Trained nurses and doctors situated within the villages provide medical care and record community health data to be able to provide better assistance and proactive support. In addition, we helped establish a food bank program to support farming communities when food is scarce. Rice is available at a discounted price to all members. Rodelle is thrilled to improve vanilla farmers’ quality of life, and help build a middle class in Madagascar.


We do more than produce premium ingredients, we change lives.


Our mutually beneficial relationship is supported by a simplified, vertically integrated supply chain. Rarely matched in the industry, our supply chain has notably fewer “links” than traditional manufacturing models, which tend toward distribution that’s often complex and filled with partners and processes that drive up costs and stress the product. The team at Rodelle has strategically minimized the number of players in that long, complex chain, choosing to invest instead in relationships worldwide that help produce a farmer-focused, vertically integrated supply chain.

Our passion for and appreciation of strong relationships also transfers to our consumer business practices. We strive to provide every customer with remarkable world-class service and support. Whether you have questions on what's in our products or want to find out more about where to find Rodelle, our team is eager to help.

Again, with Rodelle, your success is our success. We invite you to discover the difference our vanilla, gourmet flavorings and baking cocoa can make in your recipes! From farm to table, our agricultural partners, customers, and consumers all benefit from responsible vanilla farming.


Rodelle vanilla products lined up on a counter