Pure ingredients

Transform everyday experiences into unforgettable occasions.


Our signature line of vanilla products is produced from the finest hand-selected vanilla beans. Imparts a deep, rich flavor. Transforms recipes from good to exquisite. Trusted and preferred by passionate bakers for its consistent quality


Dutch-processed baking cocoa from Rodelle offers superior performance in baking. Imparts a dark finish and rich, buttery flavor. Alkalized to reduce acidity and promote more consistent rising in baked goods. Enhances everything from hot cocoa to brownies, smoothies, and even savory recipes such as chili


Our baking mixes and ingredients put "gourmet" results within reach for anyone looking to create mouthwatering baked goods. Baking extracts from Rodelle use simple, natural ingredients that produce rich, authentic flavors. Pure vanilla, lemon, almond, and chocolate extracts do more than curb hunger, they show how much you care. Give proven recipes that little dash of extraordinary


Elevate special occasions – or just dinner – with rich, flavor-packed baking ingredients, extracts, and gourmet spice blends from Rodelle. Enhance a variety of culinary applications from sweet to savory and everything in-between. Whether you’re mastering the basics or trying your hand at something more complex, cooking with Rodelle can get you cravable results. Progress from strictly following recipes to experimenting and innovating in the kitchen with premium ingredients from Rodelle.