Vanilla and Cocoa and Zucchini Cake Recipe
Make your recipes healthier! If you haven’t heard about baking with fruit and vegetables yet, you’ll definitely want to read this!!

Let’s face it, sometimes desserts taste so good because of the unhealthy ingredients we put in them. But, what if your recipe could taste just as good, by using healthy ingredients?! AND, what if you could bake your cake, eat it too- WHILE getting your vegetable servings for the day?! Best solution for all? Baking with vegetables!!

Zucchinis are one of our favorite vegetables to bake with so we recommend using shredded zucchini for your next baking endeavour. It dissolves into cupcakes in the oven and doesn’t effect the taste or look of your creation. We’ve used it in our Vanilla & Cocoa and Zucchini Cake Recipe and combined it with our rich, gourmet cocoa to give this cake a flavor you’d never suspect had vegetables!

Well there you have it, a great way to add healthy vegetable servings into your delicious baked goods!! ENJOY!