• July 19, 2012

In honor of The Great American Ice Cream Challenge we’re running a mini contest! If you’ve submitted a recipe, and refer three people that also submit a recipe, we will send you some Rodelle goodies :). Have them post on Facebook, shoot us on email at cwallace@customblending.com, or include it in their recipe submission.

Today’s featured recipe submission comes to us from La Jolla, California: Sweet Olive Oil Ice Cream with Honey-Vanilla Roasted Apricots & Pistachios. This recipe has been inspired by apricots, sweet olive oil in pink sea salt, and roasted pistachios. This mouthwatering treat was created by Lyndsy Hassett of The Dinnervine.

“The result was one heavenly batch of slightly fruity and creamy ice cream, with roasted apricots in vanilla & honey. I’m in love with this combination; salty & sweet. It is perfect for a warm summer evening!”

Lyndsy- thank you for your submission, GOOD LUCK in the contest!!

Be sure to enter your recipes and stories for a chance to win KitchenAid® 7-Quart Stand Mixer with Ice Cream Attachment and some Rodelle goodies!

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