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Vanilla Beans are so incredible because they have such a wide variety of uses. From perfumes and aromas, to baking and ice cream, infusing your alcohols, and even as a cure for an upset stomach!!

Because we know vanilla beans are so important, we take care to go the extra mile to ensure quality. All of our vanilla beans are hand selected from Madagascar in order to provide a rich aroma, and add a smooth, creamy flavor to all of your recipes!

Because there are so many incredible uses for the vanilla bean, it’s probably no surprise that even when the first vanilla bean was discovered, people have tried to relocate it and grow it all over the world. However, they have repeatedly failed for two reasons. The first, is that they need to grow in a climate that is hot, most, and tropical and within 10-20° North or South of the Equator. The second reason was a lot harder to figure out. People could not understand why, even when in the correct climate that the flowers would grow, but not produce vanilla bean pods. The missing ingredient was the Melipone Bee! This bee is only native to Mexico, and it took decades for people to learn that without the bee, the flower must be hand pollinated.

Even more than that, the flowers must be hand pollinated within 24 hours of the flower blooming! Vanilla beans are one of the most flavor intensive crops in the world!! It’s easy to understand why!

Okay we admit, we’re a little obsessed with vanilla beans! But just in case we haven’t convinced you yet about how great they are, be sure to stop by our fun facts page to learn even more about all the interesting things vanilla beans have to offer!