Alyssa’s Rodelle Challenge entry is all about family and we think it’s a great one to reward! Alyssa

“At times its often hard to translate words onto paper about family traditions and how much they mean to you. After all everybody has them and they are each equally treasured in the hearts of the family members that share them. For my family the greatest treasure is getting to bake holiday cookies with our entire family, on my husband’s, side every year. We make the gingerbread cookie dough the day beforehand and then spend the next day baking them all day and making the royal icing to decorate them with. My husband and I loved watching our toddler, Julian, get excited about cutting out the gingerbread cookie shapes and rolling the dough out this year. Our daughter, Olivia, is still just a baby, so maybe next year she’ll be able to help out. Because getting to bake with the entire family like this is my absolute favorite thing in the world. It brings everyone together and we get to just take a moment out of our busy lives to catch up with one another. In todays world everyone is realistically a click away, but still it’s not the same as being in the room and enjoying moments like this with your family. I love being able to laugh about life with family over decorating delicious homemade gingerbread cookies. I can’t say it stands out too much, but in my book it shines the brightest. To be able to bake with my family and enjoy their company that’s always a special memory in my heart!”

And what cute kids to help with the baking!!