• January 6, 2013


Wow- what a whirlwind! The 2012 Rodelle Challenge is officially closed! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the amazing participants and bloggers that made this contest a success! BIG THANKS to KitchenAid for partnering with us and being so inspiring!! We have a lot of stories to read through, so we will keep you updated as we narrow down our winners! Until then good luck to everyone!!


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We would like to make you aware of some minor packaging changes over the next few months. While we have seen a surge in demand for Rodelle Vanilla this year, the recent pandemic has caused many disruptions in the packaging supply chain. At times, you may notice a different color cap or a different type of bottle when you buy our vanilla. Inside the bottle is the same Rodelle Vanilla with the taste and quality that you have come to trust over the years.