Every month, we brainstorm recipes for the season that our Executive Chef will make for our website with our products. And, every month we are adding those finished recipes to our website for our readers. It is a fun process and usually the recipes come together for Leigh, our Executive Chef, on the first try. But, sometimes we through her a curve ball and she goes home with homework to figure out why a certain flavor isn’t showing through as much as she would like, or for a different variable.

Last week, Leigh whipped up a pumpkin flan in our test kitchen. And it tasted awesome! But, it wasn’t setting just perfectly, so over the weekend, Leigh tested out the recipe at home, made some tweaks and shared her process with us for a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process necessary for recipe development.

First, forming the base for the caramel.

photo 2-2









Line all of the ramekins with your caramel base.

photo 3-2











Add the custardy flan!

photo 5-2











Finally, enjoy the finished project!












We have the recipe for Pumpkin Flan on our website, so check it out and show us how it turns out when you try it at home! And, remember, if it isn’t right the first time…try again!