It’s not as much of a “want” as it is a “NEED.” We’re not talking about the sugar-withdrawal, twitchy need of a late shift, long car trip or other circumstance that requires a constant stream of sugar, caffeine or other stimulant to get you through. We’re talking about that deep-rooted need for comfort, relaxation and a hefty dose of chocolate. Have you been there?

Well, it happened recently. There I was, enjoying a fine evening at home and the idea of a warm brownie crept into my brain and I was rendered helpless. The next 30 minutes were spent scouring the pantry for the ingredients. Short on stock in the Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa department, the alternative was to break into my stash of chocolate bars (also another “need” around my house).

Ingredients were gathered and it was time to get to business.



I decided on a simple, traditional recipe, and added an extra element of flavor with a vanilla bean (and kept the vanilla extract, too). I used a chocolate bar that was sweetened, so reduced the sugar from 1 1/4 cups to 3/4 cups. After a quick bake, it was time to pull them out and wait patiently for a couple minutes to chill — then it was go time.

From craving to brownie in hand, it was about an hour, and well worth the patience (cooking time) and research (thank you, internet) to find a recipe that allowed me to whip up a brownie without running to the store. Next time you feel theĀ need for a brownie, we encourage you to try one of your own recipes, or visit our recipes page for some inspiration:

Are there any foods that you think of and need upon first thought? Let us know!