RootBeerFood enthusiast and talented blogger Sarah Menanix of Snixy Kitchen, has quite the love for unique, flavorful food. In the spirit of summer, she has created an incredible ice cream recipe inspired by “suicides,” a mixture of fountain sodas that create a delicious flavor. You know – the kind of mixtures you used to make when you were a kid! But as you grow up, and as Sarah put it, your “taste buds mature,” you tend to gravitate toward a less adventurous combination but without suffering in flavor. So this masterful blogger combined her childhood favorite soda – root beer, and the deliciously sweet and smooth flavors of vanilla.

“A dollop of vanilla combined with the nostalgic suds of chilled root beer.” Doesn’t that just sound perfect?!

So, click for Snixy Kitchen’s creative and delicious RootBeer Float Ice Cream recipe and start following her directions for the perfect summer treat. Enjoy!!