Spring Macaron Collage

March is winding down, Easter and Passover are almost here and spring is in the air! Rodelle has a few special recipes that we look forward to as winter winds down, and we just had to share them with you! Whether you are in the mood for savory or sweet, look no further. And, if you follow us on Pinterest, you can check out a few of our boards for more inspiration: Scrumptious Spring, Holidays, Spring and Summer ideas and even some Healthy Recipes!

Dessert first, because life is too short!

Rodelle Angel Food Cupcakes with Strawberries and Vanilla Bean Whip Cream – We’ve created a light, fluffy, and delicious cupcake using our Vanillas and Almond Extract. We then filled these little delights with strawberries and topped them with vanilla bean whip cream! If you can’t find good strawberries yet, try frozen (thawed and drained)!

Spring Macarons – These delicious French Macarons have been created with Rodelle by Sugar Bakeshop. They are a delicious assortment of vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry. Mix and match and have a perfect spring dessert!

Birds Nest Cupcakes Recipe – These cupcakes are a perfect accompaniment to any springtime feast. They are moist and creamy, delectable creations that will make your mouth water! They are our most favorite spring recipe!

Springtime Lemon Cake Recipe – This bright, citrus-flavored cake couldn’t be easier. By enhancing an ordinary cake mix with Rodelle’s lemon extract, you can take all of the credit!

Rodelle Key Lime Cheesecake Bars – This delicious recipe is a Rodelle chef original! Creamy and zesty Key Lime atop a crumbly cheesecake crust!

Something savory

Try these recipes to balance out all the sweets!

Vanilla Bean Holiday Ham Glaze – Make your ordinary holiday ham extraordinary! We’ve created a flavorful glaze with zesty mustard, sweet apple jelly, delectable raspberry liqueur, and smooth vanilla beans.

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Madeira Mushroom Gravy – A traditional beef tenderloin with a savory, delectable Madeira mushroom cocoa gravy. This could be a new holiday meal requested by name for years to come!

Butternut Squash Vanilla Dauphinoise – A delicate, delicious mix of butternut squash, vanilla and Gruyere cheese. The perfect side to impress and delight!

Rodelle Vanilla Bean Roasted Beet Salad – This salad is deceptively easy to prepare, but oh my, the complex flavors of the roasted beets, honey goat cheese and balsamic glaze make this salad nothing short of delectable.