Going forward, you should expect to see more of Rodelle’s new look! We want to share our answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have others, we encourage you to reach out!


What’s changed?

  1. Product: Nothing, nada, zilch. New “covers,” same great “content.” Our products will continue to deliver the same amazing taste and unparalleled quality you’ve come to expect from Rodelle.
  2. Logo: The Rodelle logo is a modern evolution, portraying our rich and storied history. We simplified and updated the chateau with soft, uniform lines to create a uniquely memorable, visually interesting, and versatile symbol while still embodying French architecture and idyllic landscapes. The Rodelle wordmark features both classic and delicate characteristics to convey the perfect mix of sophistication and approachability.
  3. Packaging: We worked hard to design packaging that separates Rodelle from the rest of the competition. Showcasing bright, invigorating colors, our new labels and bags pair an artisan’s passion for quality with a baker’s skill for infusing every dish with joy. Our hope is that the updated packaging captures the almost indescribable satisfaction that comes from baking with exceptional ingredients. 

Have you changed your ingredients? No. The ingredients are unchanged; only the packaging has evolved.

Why now? Over the years, we’ve developed closer and stronger relationships with our farmers, as well as the bakers and cooks who trust their favorite recipes to Rodelle. We wanted our brand to better convey our fondness of and appreciation for such to an invaluable network of suppliers and customers. We feel that our new, more simplified logo better reflects our roots, paying homage to the French culture that ignited our passion for premium ingredients. In addition, it serves as a visual cue that communicates a sense of belonging and feelings of nostalgia associated with occasions when we’ve enjoyed amazing food in the company of loved ones… at home.

When can I buy products with the new look? The majority of our mainline retail products will be updated in early 2021. 

Unique products? Tell me more! We’re launching a Fairtrade Organic Vanilla Extract exclusively on Amazon; Rodelle email subscribers will be the first to gain access (subscribe at the bottom of our homepage). We can’t wait to share this product with you!