Let’s talk about parties – warm weather parties to be exact! We know they can be a lot of work, and stressful, so we really wanted to come up with a great party asset that is both creative, and easy-to-make…. Oh and DELICIOUS!!

Our Rodelle Frozen shooters are both tempting, juicy, and alluring. We created a Vanilla Strawberry Margarita, Vanilla Peach Bellini, Cocoa Raspberry Vodka, and a Cocoa Mint recipe. You can take your pick, or make them all! You’ll simply combine the fresh fruit and ingredients from the recipe you choose and pour in the alcohol. Then pick a cute shot glass glass or little cup, and stick a popsicle stick in it. Now pop them in the freezer.

It’s that easy to create personalized beautiful shots that add a creative touch to your party. Not to mention that you can make them ahead of time!