Love is in the air, and even if it’s not, the smell of sweet, sweet vanilla could be! Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is just a week away (February 14th, for anyone who forgot). If you have a special someone, or simply a person in your life that you want to show you care about them- what says I ADORE YOU better than home-baked goodies!?

This Valentine’s Day we’ve created a vanilla bean masterpiece! Everyone loves muffins, especially Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins! Nothing says I CARE ABOUT YOU better than the delectable combination of white chocolate and our supple vanilla beans the add a smooth, creamy flavor to this one-of-a-kind recipe.

It only takes 40 minutes, and six steps, to complete this gourmet Valentine’s Day muffin. Perhaps it could even be a fun project to do with your kiddos, or someone you love on that special day? So rather you’d like to bake these homemade muffins for someone, or with someone, they are sure to create long-lasting memories that say I LOVE YOU.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day Rodelle Fans!