• February 2, 2015

Ginger’s story won an honorable mention vote from her peers! Ginger

Here’s her story:

“I was an at-home Mom to my daughters for 18 years before returning to the workforce in 2007. I taught myself to cook through reading cookbooks, and watching cooking shows as I didn’t grow up with a mother or a mother figure. I became known as the baker in our community, and even won a state level PTA award for my baking contributions and volunteer work.

I have struggled with Systemic Lupus since 2000, and when I don’t feel well, baking is a respite. Even when I am too sore to use a can opener, I always feel better while I’m in the kitchen and creating. I left my career earlier this year to focus on my health. With my kids away at college, and time on my hands, I discovered an even greater love of baking and cooking than I thought was possible. I started a food blog, I create recipes, and recipe test. My husband says he hasn’t seen me this healthy and happy in a long time. I DO feel healthier and more content. Baking for family, neighbors, and friends is truly a blessing. There is no better feeling than making people happy with food you’ve created for them with love. There just aren’t any bad days in the kitchen.”

Way to go, Ginger!! Check out her healthy blog for some great recipe ideas: Stark Raving Delicious

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