If you’re here, you’ve probably already noticed our significant brand refresh! The next generation of Rodelle branding modernizes the company logo, brand colors, and other visual elements.

Founded in Denver in 1936 as a premium vanilla producer, Rodelle has evolved over the years to become the industry’s first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans. The branding shift better represents the nature of our relationship-built business, which relies on synergistic partnerships with vanilla farmers to produce premium ingredients while helping to improve farmers’ quality of life. In addition, the updates are designed to appeal to the passionate home chefs and bakers who trust their favorite recipes to Rodelle.

The refreshed Rodelle logo simplifies and modernizes the look of the French chateau, a longtime nod to the French culture that inspired the founders. The logomark R combines a traditional look with visual accents that communicate the company’s friendly approachability. Together, the visuals convey a passion for sourcing premium ingredients as well as the sense of nostalgia associated with the experience of enjoying amazing food in the company of loved ones… at home.

Other notable changes will soon appear on Rodelle product packaging rolling into 2021. “We really wanted Rodelle’s packaging to stand apart and better represent who we are as a company today,” said Marketing Manager Jenna Baker. “Our new labels and bags feature welcoming, energetic colors that better align with what our customers value: fresh, premium ingredients sourced with care.”

The updated Rodelle website launched on November 10th to kick off the busy holiday baking season. Consumers will see new packaging start to roll out on unique items this fall, with the majority of mainline retail products being updated in early 2021.

“We want our consumers to continue to feel confident in Rodelle’s products. Although we’ve updated the packaging, the ingredients themselves have not changed. Our products will continue to deliver the same unparalleled taste and quality that have helped make Rodelle a favorite among both culinary professionals and home chefs,” Baker said.