• October 23, 2014

We’re excited to announce our newest Rodelle Brand Ambassador, Traci over at Vanilla and Bean! With great photographs, an emphasis on seasonal and natural ingredients and some stellar baked goodies, Traci is a natural fit for the Rodelle Brand Ambassador ProgramWhile Traci’s blog is focused on fresh and fabulous vegetarian recipes, we promise that even the most carnivorous eaters will be eating their veggies after they see the care and thought that goes into each of Traci’s posts. With Traci’s background in pastry and baking, we recommend Vanilla and Bean for any cook or baker out there!

Today, Traci is sharing a recipe for Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola with Cranberries. With a heavy does of fall, home made pureed pumpkin and some step-by-step action shots, this is a MUST SEE! Get over to Vanilla and Bean to make some delicious granola and stay a while to see the other delicious treats Traci has been whipping up!

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We would like to make you aware of some minor packaging changes over the next few months. While we have seen a surge in demand for Rodelle Vanilla this year, the recent pandemic has caused many disruptions in the packaging supply chain. At times, you may notice a different color cap or a different type of bottle when you buy our vanilla. Inside the bottle is the same Rodelle Vanilla with the taste and quality that you have come to trust over the years.