Rodelle is proud to launch our newest addition to our line of gourmet baking essentials: Organic Dutch Processed Baking Cocoa! Organic Baking Cocoa from Rodelle is perfect for all of your favorite recipes, smoothies, savory dishes and more.

With a higher fat content than most organic baking cocoas available, we’ve been able to keep the rich chocolate taste that many people love about our conventional baking cocoa. And, because this Organic Cocoa is also Dutch-Processed, you can keep using it in your baking recipes just like you’ve used Rodelle’s Gourmet Dutch-Processed Baking Cocoa with the same results.

We’ve developed a new recipe for the health fans out there – a healthy chocolate pudding. We suggest giving that yummy recipe a try this weekend – we think you won’t even be able to tell what the secret ingredient is! We think you will love our Dutch-Processed Organic Baking Cocoa in it, the flavor really shines through!

Our Organic Baking Cocoa is available now in select Costco stores and will be available online in 2017!