LipBalmandLotion_cropped-3 Mother’s Day is May 10th! Are you ready to celebrate Mom yet? Or, perhaps you want to have someone pamper you this Mother’s Day? From DIY gifts to the perfect sweet and savory treats, Rodelle has you covered!

Here are some of our favorite DIY gift ideas! We love these for thoughtful gifts for any occasion, but moms will particularly appreciate the care and love that goes into making something by hand with her in mind!

DIY Gift Ideas from Rodelle

Vanilla body lotion – This soothing, creamy, and healthy homemade lotion will make lovely and thoughtful DIY gifts. No additives, all natural ingredients, and organic means mom can enjoy guilt-free!

Rodelle homemade vanilla bean loofah scrubbing soap – The perfect homemade idea for upcoming Mother’s Day that’s both easy to make and a beautiful gift! This incredible recipe was adapted from Budget Barbie.

Vanilla bean bath scrub – We think this is such a clever use for vanilla beans! It’s the perfect gift idea for the holiday, and you can add your own personal touches (try adding some almond or lemon extract!) to it to really make it a one-of-a-kind gift!

Rodelle cocoa lip balm – The cocoa powder and cocoa butter in this lip balm provide protection from UV exposure, plus the beeswax locks in moisture. It tastes great (seriously) and adds a slight color to your lips!

The Best Mother’s Day Brunch!

Vanilla champagne cocktail – This is the perfect “girly” drink – bubbly, a little sweet, a little citrus. Balanced, light and the kind of beverage you can sip from the day into the evening. Think of it as your new mimosa!

Rodelle Sriracha bloody mary – A spicy twist on a traditional Bloody Mary. With Rodelle’s Sriracha seasoning in the mix and on the rim of your glass, you’ll kick brunch up to the next level with this cocktail!benedict_top_web

Bourbon Vanilla berry turnovers – These flaky pastries burst open with the delicious taste of berries and apples. The vanilla accent is the perfect contrast to the tangy fruits it contains.

Rodelle Chef-Inspired eggs benedict – Fresh crab, a few slices of prosciutto, steamed asparagus, a perfectly poached egg, and our Champagne & Vanilla Bean Hollandaise Sauce. Now this is truly an awesome Benedict! 

Rodelle vanilla bean roasted beet salad – This salad is deceptively easy to prepare, but oh my, the complex flavors of the roasted beets, honey goat cheese and balsamic glaze make this salad nothing short of delectable.

Coconut vanilla creme tart – Coconut pairs with the subtle sweetness and flavor of Rodelle Vanilla in this tart. You’ll love the crunchy vanilla crumb crust, smooth and rich coconut custard and whipped vanilla bean cream! Whatever you do for Mother’s Day, remember to celebrate the special ladies in your life!