Vanilla Ginger Tini
Cocktails are always a fun and refreshing way to celebrate Spring, AND MOTHER’S DAY! Since no two people are alike, we thought a variety of recipes would be a great idea.

First, we started with the idea of an adult milkshake: Cookies and Cream Martini. It’s a fun creamy mixture of crunchy cookie pieces with our sweet Rodelle Vanilla Beans.

Next, We wanted a unique martini that really compliments our vanilla extract, and thought ginger would be a fun recipe idea. The ginger subtly overpowers the vodka and the overall flavor of this cocktail is rounded out by our smooth vanilla extract. Click for our delicious Vanilla Ginger Tini!

Lastly, we thought a simple, classic Vanilla Martini would be a great addition for those of you who love the classics! Two ingredients is all it takes, Rodelle Vanilla Extract, and Vodka. We recommend even infusing your vodka if you have the time!  Shake or stir, then enjoy!