• August 24, 2016


The final hurrah of summer for many, Labor Day, is one of our favorite occasions to whip up our most memorable dishes! We’re sharing our list of summer favorites, early fall recipes and more to get your long weekend into full swing! All you have to do is pick which summer outfit you want to wear one last time and enjoy!

Don’t forget the cocktails! Long weekends mean more time to sip, savor and relax!

  • White Vanilla Sangria – make this one ahead of time and your friends will thank you! A splash of citrus flavors is perfectly balanced with vanilla for the ultimate Sangria recipe!
  • Rodelle’s take on tradition, Vanilla Mojitos, will dazzle the rum-drinkers in your life!
  • Want to spice up a picnic or brunch? Rodelle’s Sriracha Bloody Mary is just what the doctor ordered!
  • Rodelle’s Frozen Shooters – Tempting, juicy, and alluring. These party pleasing frozen shooters are just delicious, easy to make, and really add a great, personalized touch to your cocktail party or weekend festivities!
  • Prefer popsicles to cool down? We like ours with an adult twist! Watermelon Mojito Popsicles!

If you make one of our recipes listed here, or in our recipe index, be sure to share with us on social media with the #MadeWithRodelle hashtag for your chance to be featured! Happy Labor Day!!

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