August means the end of the summer for most kiddos across the US. That usually means many trips to the store to stock up on new school supplies, clothes, backpacks and more from the endless list of things that kids need. While you’re out at the store, we recommend sticking to the actual school supplies list, rather than also stocking up on packaged snacks and breakfast items. It takes a little more time to craft those homemade goodies, but the taste and quality will be something the whole family appreciates. We’ve gathered up a little list of our favorite healthy, quick, nutritious and delicious recipes that are perfect for kids of all ages! We hope that you’ll give one or two of these recipes a try…who knows, they might become your go-to items to meal prep each week!

While each of the recipes in this list is easy and quick, we recommend bringing the kids into the kitchen to lend a hand! It’s important to teach kids where their food comes from, and you can also make the most of a little extra bonding time before they’re off to school during the weeks to come.

apple oat healthy muffins-sq

  1. Healthy Oat Muffins

Healthy, low-fat muffins that are still packed with flavor and taste delicious! A perfect source of fuel that will fill you up on the go! This is a great recipe for older kids to practice and help with measuring.

View Healthy Oat Muffins recipe


  1. Maple Vanilla Oatmeal Bars

Substantial, go-anywhere, breakfast bars made with pure, healthy ingredients. Rodelle’s Maple Vanilla Oatmeal Bars are flavorful and filling to fuel your busy day! Kids of any age can squeeze baggies of their favorite toppings onto these bars and will be able to press the “batter” into the pan.

View Maple Vanilla Oatmeal Bars recipe

Fruit Roll Ups_sq

  1. Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

Delectably healthy to-go snacks – packed with Rodelle flavor. Three unique recipes to try! The peach flavor is perfect for the bruised, banged up bargain peaches from the fruit stand! Attentive children can help wash and pick over berries, and creative kids will enjoy cutting the finished fruit roll ups into different shapes or rolling them up and tying them.

View recipe for Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

BONUS! Grilled Salmon Skewers

We know you will be busy establishing a new evening routine around sports, pick up, homework, and all the activities of your family, so we recommend trying our Herbes de Provence Salmon Skewers on the grill! You can prep the ingredients the night before, and then fire up the grill to make these in a snap when it’s time for dinner.

View Grilled Salmon, Potato and Tomato Skewers recipe

Back to school can be delicious and easy! Make the family some homemade snacks that you’ll feel good about!