Our 2012 GAICC “Most Unique Yet Surprisingly Good Award Winner!” by Jeremy Flores with a Blackberry Blue Cheese Ice Cream recipe!

“I had blue cheese and honey for the first time at a wine & cheese tasting event and was amazed by the flavor combination of the two. I had some huckleberry honey in my kitchen which I’ve paired with blue cheese on occasion since then with great results. I decided to try making an ice cream with blue cheese, honey, and the more common blackberry, and could not have been more satisfied with the results. Creamy, sweet, tangy, and fruity, this is a one of a kind flavor combination.”

Don’t miss out on this deliciously unique recipe: Blackberry Blue Cheese Ice Cream!

[1]: http://www.rodellekitchen.com/our-recipes/blackberry-blue-cheese-ice-cream