IceBoxCookiesWe’re switching it up and giving you an alternative to just ice cream recipes this summer. But this recipe is still a summer sizzling treat!

We’re featuring our Brand Ambassador Shugary Sweets for this delicious recipe!

(Yes yes, we know the 4th is over, but this cookie recipe is just too good, so decorate it any way you want!)

“I love keeping cookies in my freezer.” As a sugar aficionado we knew she was the right person to go to for an amazing cookie recipe you’re all sure to love! Since it’s hot out, we were thinking it would be a great idea to have a really incredible Icebox Cookie recipe on hand.

Not only does she give us an amazing recipe but she has so many helpful tops and tricks to really perfecting them!

“A great trick to keeping your cookies in a cylindrical shape is to use empty paper towel tubes. Roll your dough to desired size. Wrap dough in plastic wrap. Slice paper towel tube lengthwise and lay wrapped dough in tube. This will help keep your dough shaped until you are ready to use.”

For more delicious recipes, tips and tricks, be sure to stop by this incredible blog: Shugary Sweets!