We’re so excited to pop by and share some delicious holiday cookies with you that we’ll jump right in! We’ve got everything from homemade gluten-free oreos to seasonal mint hot cocoa to dip your cookies into! Read on for more recipes that your family and friends (and maybe even Santa Claus) will love…

Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookie cut-outs decorated to look like Christmas trees—so easy! A small batch of cut-out sugar cookies decorated with a small batch of royal icing and sprinkles. No chill time required!

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Almond Cranberry Sandwich Cookies

A light shortbread cookie with a delicious almond filling, all dipped in melted white chocolate. You’ll love the added flavors from orange zest and chopped cranberries!

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Double Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies

Little bites of bliss to soothe an afternoon sweet tooth or gift to your mocha loving friend, Double Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies have a caffeine kick!

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Homemade Gluten-Free Oreos – Peppermint and Vanilla

We’re taking our love for sandwich cookies to a new level with these homemade gluten-free oreos. Trust us, you CAN make them at home and they are even better than store-bought! Check out the recipe video for more helpful tips & don’t miss the vanilla or peppermint cream filling!

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Jam Filled Shortbread Cookies

This surprisingly simple recipe embodies the holidays. The buttery cookie is wonderful with fragrant vanilla flavor! This recipe is sure to impress at your cookie party or your holiday dinner!

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Bonus recipes!

Boozy Mint Hot Chocolate

This boozy mint hot chocolate recipe is the perfect nightcap on a cold evening & goes great with holiday cookies. Warm yourself up with a mug of this sweet chocolate goodness today!

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Gingerbread Hot Cocoa with Gingerbread Marshmallow Men

The perfectly spiced hot cocoa for winter! We love the little Gingerbread Marshmallow Men who dive into our Rodelle Cocoa!

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