Gourmet Baking Cocoa 

Baking cocoa is such an important staple to have around for all of your cooking and baking needs. The great thing about it is you can put it in just about any recipe. You can use it as a BBQ rub, in a cocktail, smoothie, desserts, ice cream… really the lists are endless.

Today, we thought we’d pop around to some of our favorite foodie blogs and see what they use baking cocoa in. First stop, Jersey Girl Cooks created a decadent Cocoa Dusted Cinnamon Honey Almond recipe. Cocoa and honey together in a recipe?! How could you go wrong?! She poured her almonds into a melting pan of cinnamon and honey to coat them. She then roasted them for a little bit and dusted the glazed almonds with some cocoa to balance out the sweetness of the honey! Such an amazing recipe!

Our next stop took us to a very decadent use for cocoa: Brownie Ice Cream! Leite’s Culinaria created this incredible masterpiece. Brownie bits in your ice cream… yum!

Lastly, we ended up at SheKnows – a place full of creative and amazing recipes. It was there that we may have found one of our favorite recipe ideas for this time of the year: Cocoa Spice BBQ Rub. Grilling is super popular right now and this rub would be great for so many of your grilling recipes. We recommend popping over there to see the incredible rubs that SheKnows has come up with!

It’s probably pretty obvious at this point that we could spend hours drooling over delicious cocoa recipes. What can we say- WE LOVE COCOA! We have a gourmet baking cocoa that is European Dutch processed for rich flavor and appearance. Our cocoa contains one of the highest levels of cocoa butter on the market, ensuring superior chocolate flavor. We take a lot of pride in our cocoa, and enjoy all the baking and cooking versatility that cocoa offers. We’d love to hear what you’re making- please post recipes or ideas below!

Some of our favorite Cocoa Rodelle Recipes: Rodelle Cocoa Macaroons, Vanilla and Cocoa Zucchini Cake, & Dutch Dark Cocoa Raspberry Smoothie!