Rodelle Homemade Vanilla Infused Liquor Recipe

Infused alcohols have become extremely popular lately because they allow for a creative, customizable, homemade touch to your alcohol, but also it is much more cost effective! They are incredibly easy to make, simply choose an alcohol and your infusion ingredient. Since we love all things vanilla here at Rodelle, we of course chose vanilla beans!

The purpose of infused alcohols is to add that extra flavoring to all of your favorite liquors. Depending on the type of alcohol you use, the infusion ingredient can also helo to enhance the different flavors in the alcohol. You can also take your new alcohol creation and add it to your favorite cocktail recipes. The options are endless, from mojitos to cosmopotians, and more! Or simply combine them with your favorite summer juices like oranges juice or lemonade and tea.

Another great part about making your own infused alcohol is that it is much healthier than usual flavored alcohols. The best part is that you don’t need sugar, extended ingredients, or unknown additives that can add calories like some flavored alcohols include in their ingredients. Simply get an alcohol of your choice, we chose vodka, rum, and bourbon. Then, drop in your split (but not scraped) vanilla bean and tightly close the lid. It takes only five minutes to prep, let them set for around five days to infuse properly, and WALA- you’ll have a delicious homemade masterpiece!

Side Note: If you choose to use another ingredient to create your infused liquor, you may want to let your infusion sit for longer than five days. Citrusy flavors infuse quickest (a couple days), but subtle flavors like most fruits or vanillas can take 5 -7 days. Even lighter flavors like cucumbers can take close to two weeks. The best way to find out if your infusion is complete is to periodically taste it. After your infusion is finished, depending on what ingredient you used, you may need to strain your mixture. We loved the little vanilla bean flecks in our infusion so we simply pulled out the bean pod and did not strain ours.

We were inspired to make infused liquor for our upcoming Cocktail Party which we will announce on Facebook soon! Now all of our new cocktail recipes will have a subtle, yet sweet vanilla essence to them. Also, what’s better for a cocktail party than beautiful liquor bottles?! We had a lot of fun choosing elegant glass containers to infuse our alcohol in which will really added that extra touch to our Cocktail Party! They’re so beautiful and elegant that if you wanted, you could even give your infused alcohol as a guest gift/giveaway! Have some fun with this and better yet- ENJOY it!

Rodelle Homemade Vanilla Infused Liquor Recipe