• August 24, 2011

We all know you can cook on a skillet… But did you know you can also cook on a skillet over a grill?! We’ve created a dessert recipe where you can!

The traditional apple pie recipe is timeless. But we wanted to maintain some tradition while creating a new dessert that’s more than a baking recipe; now it’s still has the traditional flavor with richer ingredients and a new and fun way to make it. This dessert recipe can be baked outside over the grill! Our Vanilla Apple Skillet Cake recipe has it all: versatility, uniqueness and it’s packed with flavor!

We thought, since it’s so beautiful outside in Colorado right now we’d love to bake outside. Now you can cook your families entire meal on the grill- including dessert!

We used our Gourmet Vanilla Extract to give it that perfect flavor that you and your family won’t be able to resist!

Stay tuned for next week’s Campfire Vanilla-Orange Cake!

Grilled Vanilla Apple Skillet Cake Recipe

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