This delectable recipe comes to us from award winning Ally Phillips of What’s For Dinner? Ally’s Kitchen. Each recipe that Ally takes on, she adds her “bold bohemian” touch to it. Lucky for us, she has shared this amazing Granny Smith Apple & Tart Cherry Oatmeal Cakes recipe for our Twelve Days of Cookies.

Here’s what Ally said about it:

“Ben’s going to see Mama Helen and Daddy Howard, his mama and daddy…imagine having your mom and dad still alive and you, the ‘kid’ are a grandparent yourself and Medicare age! Way back in the day, unlike today, many kids got married young, like real young, so they ‘grew up’ with their kids and some have aged into great and great-great grandparents. Mama Helen doesn’t cook any longer, but they both love home cooked food, and Daddy Howard loves his sweets, so since it’s the holidays, lots of wonderful apples, and I’m in a baking mood, Ben’s gonna be riding his Harley and filling the saddle bags with some fresh delicious ‘Granny Smith Apple & Tart Cherry Oatmeal Cakes.’

This unique “cookie” recipe can be created in just 45 minutes and makes two dozen delicious holiday treats for you and everyone to enjoy!

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