We are so excited to share the exciting news of our newest Brand Ambassador, Sam at Sugar Spun Run! Sam is the perfect fit as a Rodelle Brand Ambassador – her blog oozes proof of her dessert genius! Sugar Spun Run focuses on our favorite food group: dessert. Sam’s goal is to create and share delicious desserts that you can make at home from scratch with easy-to-find ingredients and little-moderate effort. We are smitten and think you will be too. Visit Sugar Spun Run to find the dessert inspiration that will have you forgetting to make the main course!

And, this week is an especially great time to visit Sam’s blog because she has the perfect winter cupcake and a Rodelle Giveaway! Gingerbread Cupcakes – sweet, soft gingerbread cupcakes infused with the spices of fall and topped with a vanilla bean & cinnamon-speckled frosting. Sam did many trials of this recipe to make sure all of the bakers at home would be able to recreate these beauties and we are so glad!

We strongly suggest that you hop over to Sugar Spun Run, get that cupcake recipe and enter to win some great Rodelle prizes!

Happy Baking!