Friday Find: Coconut Oil Spray!

Many times recipes call for a greased pan, we use the butter wrapper, vegetable oil, or smear oil on a paper towel around the pan, etc. and we find that the baking sprays can be untrustworthy at times with portions of your culinary wonder sticking and breaking. What a monumental disappointment when the fruits of your labor are ruined by a simple lack of grease, and not the elbow kind (pun intended! ha). Sometimes the simplest of instructions can be the most important and most overlooked. We were thrilled to see a solution that is EASY and efficient from our friend Nicole of Baking Bites.

Coconut Oil Cooking Spray! With coconut being all the craze right now, we loved Nicole’s reveiw of Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Cooking Spray. This is her brilliant experience with it:

“I found that this coconut cooking spray works even better than I anticipated and I really liked using it. Like solid coconut oil, this product does have a slightly coconutty aroma to it, which fades once you cook with it, but might surprise some people who haven’t used coconut oil in the past. It created a very good nonstick surface each time I used it, and especially with some of my bakeware (like bundt pans) that has sharp edges or intricate designs. I attributed this to the fact that the oil seems slightly thicker than some other vegetable oils and gave my surfaces a nice thick coat. Some sprays drip and pool too much when you try to use a generous coating.”

Now not all of you have access to Trader Joe’s but we did the research and found this little gem on Amazon!

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