If you haven’t been to Eat the Love yet, you are certainly missing out!! Irvin, the wonderful author this fantastic blog uses his talents to combine amazing flavor profiles, with beautiful graphics and food photography! WE ARE IN LOVE!!

We thought we’d mix up our usual dessert and savory recipe posting and focus on breakfast recipes. And what could be better this time of year than blueberries, peaches and coffee cake?! That’s why when we saw Irvin’s AMAZING Peach and Blueberry Coffee Cake, we absolutely had to give it a #FF shoutout (Follow Friday).

We highly recommend this Peach and Blueberry Coffee Cake recipe because it takes every single ingredient and step into account. Irvin mentioned not liking how peaches often don’t have a very bold flavor, and will sink to the bottom of the coffee cake. So, he cooked them first to “help concentrate the flavor and then a bit of thickener… to keep them from sinking to the bottom.” Such a great, detail-oriented idea. You can bet that this coffee cake has such incredible flavor that is definitely a step above your traditional coffee cake recipe!!

If you have time for more than just the recipe, one of our favorite things about Irvin is that he takes time to share his experiences about his food, and why he made it. We really appreciate the authenticity of what he does, and his true love for food and the impact is has on people. Be sure to stop by his website and be inspired!!