Easy Entertaining: The Bar

Preparing things the day of the party is where all the stress lies. Make it easier on yourself- summertime menus can be simple, fresh, and made ahead of time. Use these tips for a simple, stress-free occasions all summer long. Our series of easy entertaining tips will ensure a brilliant time!

This week we explore THE BAR! We of course mean a cocktail bar, but also transfer the bar concept to appetizers and desserts as well. Lay out fresh ingredients so your guests can get creative! Here are some of our cocktail bar ideas:

Mojito Bar with your homemade vanilla infused rum of couse! Layout bowls of fresh fruits and different types of mint, make our flavored simple syrup, and halved limes and lime juicer! Place a sign out with ratios for the perfect customized mojito!

A spin on bruschetta bar a variety of pre-made toppings. Include a few different spreads like our vanilla bean honey chevre, a few different types of roasted veggies and a few different types of sauces like vanilla balsamic glaze! Let your guest satisfy their tastebuds!

A dessert parfait bar! We are all about the dessert here at Rodelle, so this bar is our favorite! Cube up different desserts like carrot cake, brownies, and blondies. Set out the different bowls with all the different desserts as well as bowls of berries, chopped nuts, chocolate syrup, whip cream and more! Let your guests layer their perfect dessert!

Make sure to stay tuned to our blog, we will make sure to share all the good tips we come across for easy entertaining!