Easter Cupcake
We had a lot of fun with these Bird’s Nest Themed Cupcakes! What could be more perfect for Spring than bird inspired cupcakes?!

For the recipe itself, we used a sweet vanilla bean and coconut milk based cupcake batter. Then topped it off with a heaping dollop of rich Vanilla Buttercream.

But the fun came in the decoration. We kept with neutral colors, and used little chocolate Robbin’s Eggs as decoration on top of shredded coconut to give the appearance of a bird’s nest. We figured, since it’s spring- why not have some fun with it?!!

Once you’ve followed all of the recipe directions to mixing the batter, you can split up your batter and add different food coloring colors to each of the batters. Then when you create the buttercream topping, do the same. Once the cupcakes are baked and ready for frosting, mismatch the colors and you’ll have really delicious spring-inspired cupcakes that everyone will love!!