Where’s the Cake??

While we’re probably best known for our sweet treats and baking essentials, there’s a whole side to vanilla that some people never take the chance to experience. When applied to savory recipes, vanilla can cut acidity, enhance rich flavors and provide a well-rounded, mellow sweetness. We’ve been putting vanilla extract and vanilla beans in savory applications from salsa to sauces for years and years!

Expert Story – The Secret to Better Salad Dressing Can Be Found in the Baking Aisle

The Kitchn posted an article recently about just how powerful a dash of vanilla can be in salad dressing recipes! From their story “Here’s how it works: Vanilla lessens the bite of bitterness and tempers acidity while making sweet ingredients taste more like themselves. As you know from baking, vanilla is usually more of a background player to other ingredients — something you might not be able to call out, but an ingredient you miss when it isn’t there. It does the same thing in a salad dressing. The round, mild sweetness of vanilla enhances the flavor of sweet salad additions, like berries, but it’s also great with veggies that lean toward the sweeter side, like roasted beets or sweet potatoes. It also tempers pungent flavors, like strong cheeses, garlic, and raw red onion.”

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Let us know what you think about vanilla in savory recipes and if you have any favorites of your own!