• March 5, 2014

Yes, we know, that recipe title is quite the mouth-ful! But how amazing does the combination of these ingredients sound!? This just might easily be one of our favorite recipes yet! Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it is such a beautiful recipe! The perfect combination of sweet and salty!

Our chef had a lot of fun with this recipe because it is a new twist on a traditional potato chip option and a baked potato. Not to mention, it’s a whole new take on your usual butter too!

In order to get this fan effect, we put chopsticks along the side of the potato, so that when it was cut into slices, the bottom of the potato stayed connected. This gives your masterpiece that fun and artisan fan effect. We also opted to do about 1/8 – 1/16 inch thick. If you like your potatos super crunchy and crisp, make the slices even thinner.

After your masterpiece is cut, you will smear the Rodelle Vanilla Bean Butter over the whole potato. Using a brush will be the easiest way to make sure you get this delicious butter into every crevice. Then, simply bake your potato for 50 minutes, or until desired texture is reached and VOILA- you’ll have a beautiful recipe that looks like you spent hours working on…. but in reality, it only takes about an hour and half. Make this incredible Baked Sweet Potato Fan with Vanilla Bean Butter & Sea Salt…. Then ENJOY!!

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