We are so honored! The talented and amazing Snixy Kitchen has created a mouthwatering Peach Financiers recipe using our Rodelle Vanilla and Almond Extract!!

“In an effort to reduce my chronic tension headaches and to live a healthier lifestyle in general, my friend Cas and I have a standing Monday morning yoga date. Some weeks, we’re better than others about actually getting together early enough to make it to class by 8am. Mostly because I’m not a morning person, and I’m even less of an exercise person (but I’m trying!). In fact, on our first attempt remained just that – an attempt. We took the first step of waking up and meeting each other around 8am, but wound up taking a brisk neighborhood walk when we realized we were going to be late. Cas’s birthday fell on one of our off-weeks from class. So as a slightly belated birthday breakfast, I baked these peach financiers to celebrate.

If you know me, you have probably heard about my vendetta against breakfast pastries. These financiers aren’t pretending to be something they’re not; they pack all the delicious cake flavors to make every calorie worth it. And who doesn’t like cake for breakfast? Exactly.

Note: these are not on the pre-wedding diet, but in my defense, I didn’t yet know I’d be getting married next year when I served them up with our tea. Plus, you get to make exceptions for your best friends’ birthdays.

I chose these financiers without actually knowing how to properly pronounce the word “financier,” but trusting that peaches plus browned butter would produce something incredible. I also wanted to try my new almond and vanilla extracts that Rodelle generously sent me to test out. The gift box arrived with several bakingĀ  goodies and a very sweet hand-written note; I could barely wait five minutes before turning on the oven to begin baking with the contents. Incredible is an understatement for these decadent bites. Each bite was packed with rich sweetness from the baked peaches and intense nuttiness from the almond meal and extract and browned butter. There was no denying how much browned butter went into each one, but the flavors were so mouth-watering that you didn’t even care. A perfect way to indulge for your birthday.

A week or so later, I made a second half-batch to thank my friend Spike for feeding my kitties. This time adding a hint of baking soda just to see what would happen. As expected, they puffed up a bit and I think the fluffy texture made them even more delicious than the first time! Spike may have eaten half a dozen in one sitting (even though he’ll argue that it was three sittings because he spent 10 minutes walking home before eating a second financier and then 10 more minutes eating cheese before gobbling down the rest).”

Snixy Kitchen’s Peach Financier recipe!