• November 10, 2014


We’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving non-stop for about 3 weeks, so it’s been a struggle not posting this sooner! One of Rodelle’s lovely brand ambassadors, Becky over at The Vintage Mixer, thought up this recipe for her seasonally-focused blog and we wanted to share it with our readers and fans!

When we asked Becky about this recipe, she had this to share, “I’ve been searching for the perfect pumpkin pie for quite sometime now. I’ve tested and tested and finally found ‘the one.’ This Pumpkin Pie is made with pumpkin and sweet potato for natural sweetness then flavored with maple syrup, vanilla bean and spices. And unlike most pumpkin pie recipes there’s no evaporated milk but instead I use almoPumpkin-Sweet-Potato-Pie-Recipe-21nd milk or heavy cream. Both work great. To top it all off, there’s no sugar needed, this pie is perfect without it. Trust me, or just try it for yourself!”

This pie can be made with heavy cream or almond milk, so it’s a great base for those who may have a dairy sensitivity. The cream does tend to create a creamier pie but the unsweetened almond milk also makes for a great pie and still has the full flavor. So, it really depends on personal or dietary preference.

Watch for Becky’s post on the pie over at The Vintage Mixer on Thursday, November 13th or get the sneak peak of the recipe on Rodelle’s website by clicking here!



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