Have you ever had an incredibly strong sweet tooth craving that you HAVE TO satisfy? You know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t keep yourself away from that candy bar, cookie, or slice of cheesecake?! Well we’ve got a very simple, and healthy solution for you… PEARS!

They are a deliciously sweet and juicy fruit that will curve your craving with its natural sugars better than a fatty dessert. Not to mention, they are much healthier for you than just about any dessert you’d initially choose!

According to the magazine, Best Health, for every one medium sized pair, there is about 5 grams of fiber which is 20% of your daily needs. Fiber helps to promote healthy digestion and regularity. Pears also contain pectin which can lower your “bad” cholesterol and boost the immune system. And lastly, pears contain about 10% of your recommend daily dose of Vitamin C!

If we haven’t convinced you yet that pears are the perfect dessert, we’ve taken it one step farther and combined this naturally sweet fruit with our Rodelle Vanilla Beans for the perfect flavor combination! Pear and vanilla flavors combined are so incredible because vanilla acts as a “lower calorie sweetener” that enhances the flavor of the pear without adding all the unnecessary sugars and fats that most desserts contain.

Be sure to try our Poached Pears Dessert Recipe to help you stay on the healthy track while still satisfying your sweet tooth!