Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie
Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate smoothies in the morning?! Start your day out right with this smooth and creamy recipe! We’ve blended sweet vanilla beans, tart raspberries, and rich cocoa for perfect complementary flavors!

We’re so excited about this recipe because you can have your healthy, delicious smoothie in hand- ready to go, in just 10 minutes! That’s all it takes! Think about substituting this incredible recipe for your usual breakfast. You’ll receive the important nutrients you need, all in one place! You can even make it the night before and refrigerate for a refreshing morning treat!

Take this recipe one step further and put it in the freezer for a bit, to really add that crunchy-crispness that you often crave for an afternoon snack. This is an easy-to-make, healthy-concious recipe that will give you an afternoon energy boost from the natural sugars that raspberries contain, making it the perfect afternoon treat!

Treat your body to a delicious, guilt free, indulgent and healthy breakfast or snack in just 10 minutes: Guilt Free Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie!