Day 23: Easy Substitutions

Being vegan has become a very popular trend. This is a person who does not eat or use animal product. Which as you can imagine can be quite tricky! Because let’s face it, there is pretty much cheese and butter in everything!

We found a wonderful article, Vegan Baking Substitution Guide, by VegNews that gives a good insight to the ins and outs of making it easier to be a vegan. We’ve listed some of the main ingredients that vegans struggle with, and thanks to VegNews- GREAT ways to solve this problem.

Butter: If baking a recipe that has natural spice or flavor to it, such as spice cookies or gingerbread, olive oil or untoasted sesame oil work well. Unrefined coconut oil (which is solid at room temperature) can add the thickness that butter would, and canola oil works in recipes with liquid sugars (think agave) or solid fats, such as groundnuts or chocolates in cakes. Vegan shortening works well with cookies and pie crusts. And of course, there’s margarine, which creates the buttery taste so many holiday cookies require.

Milk: Full-fat soymilk will help create the richness of whole milk, while rice milk is lighter. Almond milk sometimes can add a subtle almond taste, as can coconut milk, and both will contribute to the richness of a recipe. If you want to add an even sweeter taste, we recommend adding a teaspoon of Rodelle Vanilla Extract to give your milk an flavor component.

Eggs: Ground flax seeds are a popular substitute that are also nutritious—three tablespoons of water to one tablespoon of ground flax seeds equates to one egg. Mashed banana and applesauce are other healthy alternatives that completely cut out the cholesterol eggs add to baking. And soy yogurt is a creative way to replace eggs and can add a rich texture to your baking, as can puréed black beans. If you’re not a believer yet, try our Black Bean Brownies just to show you that they really do create an incredible recipe!

Now, we certainly understand that you may not decide to jump on the vegan bandwagon, however cutting some of these fatty foods from your diet is always an easy way to take your recipes to the next step in being healthier.

Try these substitutions in our Double Vanilla Cupcake Recipe!