• January 5, 2014

Put away your holiday sugar cookies, and discover this healthy alternative recipe!! In fact, this just might be our favorite cookie recipe yet! Such incredible, rich flavor, and so easy to make: Cocoa Melts!!

If you haven’t read about the 10 Benefits of Cocoa yet, be sure to do so!! We guarantee that after you do, you won’t be able to get enough of these little bite-sized treasures!!

This recipe consists of healthy, unique ingredients that you’d probably never expect to find in a cookie recipe that tastes this great! It has an excellent source of fiber while satisfying your sweet tooth! We’ve combined Rodelle Vanilla Extract, oat flour, coconut oil, and our Gourmet Baking Cocoa! Best part?! NO BUTTER!!

Our Rodelle Vanilla Extract is made with a unique blend of premium vanilla beans from select growing regions around the world, boasting a rich robust flavor. That combined with our dark, Dutch-Processed Cocoa, really adds an extra gourmet taste layer to these cookies.

We used a KitchenAid® 7 Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer to easily combine the ingredients into a smooth, paste-like consistency. After all ingredients have been mixed together, you’ll refrigerate. Afterwards, the cookies are baked with powdered sugar on top which will give them charming little cracks that really create a finished look and feel!!

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We would like to make you aware of some minor packaging changes over the next few months. While we have seen a surge in demand for Rodelle Vanilla this year, the recent pandemic has caused many disruptions in the packaging supply chain. At times, you may notice a different color cap or a different type of bottle when you buy our vanilla. Inside the bottle is the same Rodelle Vanilla with the taste and quality that you have come to trust over the years.