We are OBSESSED with mason jars right now! You can do soooo much with them! From desserts to-go, to perfect presentation for homemade gifts, mason jars are just the bees-knees in our book!!

This brings us to our HEALTHY TIP: Layering ingredients in a mason jar is an easy and fun way to be healthy on the go!! You can do everything from Oats To-Go to layered salads that are divine! Check out our easy breakfast idea, or visit our Pinterest page for great salads you can layer in your mason jar. It truly is one of the easiest ways to plan ahead!

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when building your salad:

– Always keep your dressing at the bottom of the jar to keep your other ingredients from getting soggy.
– Next, drop your vegetables and meat in so they can marinate in your dressing.
– Then put your salad on top. The less room you leave, the better chance that condensation won’t gather.
– Croutons should go in last if you’re using them.

For some delicious examples, and creative salad recipe ideas, visit our Pinterest page for more recipe inspiration!