One of the greatest things about real, true vanilla is its aroma! It has such a deep, rich, robust smell and adds incredible flavor to all your recipes. Smell plays a huge role in the way your food tastes but the benefits range much wider than that! The smell of vanilla also plays a huge role in your mood throughout everyday life!

Science has proven that vanilla has a positive effect on mood. It provokes a feeling of well being due to the associations people have with vanilla. Since it is one of the most widely used smells throughout many people’s lives, it is then tied to those memories. People bake with vanilla, burn vanilla candles, use vanilla scented lotion, etc. which means, people tie the smell to those feelings of food, security, pleasure, and just overall well-being.

In an article by Patricia Rain, a vanilla expert, she states that vanilla can also be used as a tool to create a mood-elevator. A perfect example, is that realtors will often times use a vanilla room freshener in a house that’s for sale. In fact, creating that smell is as simple as putting a few drops of vanilla extract into a warm bowl of water and heating it over the stove!

Not only does vanilla create a feeling of well-being, but also creates a calming effect. Vanilla is thought to mimic pheromones and create a stimulating feeling in the brain that creates an attraction to the smell. Even animals go crazy for the smell of vanilla! To the point where it can help assist sick animals in bringing back their appetite!

Lastly, one of the very interesting facts stated was that the smell of vanilla can create such a relaxing effect that it can help calm an upset stomach! Take it one step farther, and just add a couple drops of vanilla extract to water or juice and you can feel the quick- relieving power of vanilla! Some studies even suggest putting a vanilla bean in a room-temperature soda water and slowly sipping it while breathing in the smell can calm morning sickness!

Most consumer products that are produced with the smell of vanilla are artificial. While the smell still works its mood-elevator effects, using pure vanilla extract can expand the many wonderful effects and benefits that the real thing creates!