• February 3, 2015

Stephani’s story is a classic example of measurements gone awry – we can definitely sympathize:

“When I was about 14 years old and my cooking/baking passion came to surface my mom let me, for the first time, bake a batch of double chocolate cookies all by myself! I was so excited, I found the recipe in one of my favorite Christmas cook books and began to gather my ingredients.

I was making my cookies, one cup sugar, one cup butter, two cups flour, 1 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp salt and so on… put them all on the baking tray and into the oven. About a half hour later and they look amazing, but the smell is a bit off, oh well I just made my first batch of cookies!!! I put them on a plate and take them to my parents who are sitting outside on the patio. “Look mom, they look so good!” started to put one in my mouth and I spat it out so quickly.

It was the most disgusting thing ever. My mom asked me what I put in it and I told her “one cup sugar, one cup butter, two cups flour spoon full of salt and baking powder..” my mom stops me “what spoon, go in the house and bring it out to me” so I go into the house, stopping first for a glass of milk and bring the spoon out to her and she told me what most of you probably know, I had thought , in my young age that when the recipe called for a tsp I mistakenly thought it was a tbsp. Well didn’t that teach me a lesson, from that day on, all the way through culinary school, I made sure to read a recipe carefully and look up any instructions I was not sure about, and it has made me the reliable and consistent baker I am today.”

We love the persistence and honesty here! We are sure Stephani’s recipes all come out beautifully today!

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