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We had so many good entries for the 2014 Rodelle Challenge that we couldn’t pick just ten between the grand prize and runner up prizes! We need your help to select an additional 5 winners from the Honorable Mention category – just added to give more of our 400+ contestants a chance to win. Hop over to our website to vote for your favorite!

Gretchen, Utah
My oldest daughter had been longing for an Easy Bake Oven! Her dreams came true this past November when she received one for her 7th birthday. Little did I know how unsavory the cookie mixes were with this oven…thank goodness it’s the memories that count!

Jaye, Florida
Love of gingerbread! My favorite holiday memories are decorating gingerbread – from cookies to gingerbread houses that has created endless moments of fun!

Meg, Texas
I came home to a kitchen fire thanks to my husband hiding his secret cookie stash in the oven.

Daniela, New York
A very brief story about how a Cookie Party became a disappointment to my daughter, but in the end a fresh batch of frosting saved her gingerbread house.

Natalija, Maryland
Grandmother ate dog food by accident, cooked meat shrinkwrapped in plastic, was the funniest and sweetest grandmother out there and I think of her when I bake.

Heather, Ohio
Salt and Sugar should be clearly labeled!

Josephine, Pennsylvania
Well, the biscotti were different than most other times and I remember the batches of this particular day being big and uniform.

Timothy, Nebraska
Learning to bake at a young age with my mom and grand mother. I’m now disabled and do what I can to make sure a meal is ready when my wife gets home from a long day at work.

Robert, Pennsylvania
I accidentally made scones for my wife using baking SODA instead of baking POWDER, and hilarity ensued!

Jenilee, Pennsylvania
I would like to win this for my Nana and all my happy baking memories with her.

Jacky, Massachusetts
My experience on baking French macarons taught me a life lesson.

Paris, California
Christmas Eve, spiked eggnog, cinnamon rolls cream cheese frosting incident!

Michael, Colorado
How to not fully read directions and mess up a birthday cake.

Christina, Nebraska
Family tradition cooking

Lori, New York
Boy wins 1st place for the best cake at the county fair, and years later has to make up for it to his young wife who won 3rd place the same year.

Alyssa, Kansas
Baking with family.

Kimberley, Georgia
I spent an unexpected afternoon with my Grandmother who has been gone from this world for some years while going through her favorite and loved recipes!!!

Kim, New Jersey
Hungry teenagers learn a lesson about eating mom and dad out of house and home!

Beth, Ohio
My world opened up the day I spent teaching kids from Germany, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Japan to bake and make chocolate.

Paula, Georgia
I dumped a bulk size container of cornstarch on my head.

Sheila, Pennsylvania
Grand-daughter’s first baking experience for a contest gone awry.

Bonni, Texas
I was young, made home made spice cake, no oil, used melted crisco, burned my fingers. Cake was like rubber, dog wouldn’t touch it. so I had to throw it away.

Ginger, California
I left my career to focus on my health, and found a renewed passion for baking.

Cindy, Florida
Pregnant, Thanksgiving, homemade pies, and a severe burned hand!