Paris’s story made us chuckle and we loved her honesty and baking adventure! We hope you do, too: Paris

“Last Christmas Eve, I decided to host a cinnamon rolls assembly party so that my culinary challenged friends can bake it on Christmas morning for breakfast. What better smell for a family to wake up to than sweet, cinnamon, vanilla, and warm yeasty richness on Christmas morning!

As always when we meet up, we have WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! And this time the fun kicked up a notch because a friend brought over some delicious spiked eggnog from a family recipe from the old world. Oh Ho Ho~~~ D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S it was but since all of us have low alcohol tolerance, we were giggling and behaving like school girls by the second cup.

By some miracle in our silliness, we managed to get the dough done and was making the cream cheese frosting, when two of the friends thought it would be a brilliant idea to glug in the vanilla extract. After all, vanilla makes all baked goods taste better, right?

Few minutes later, a slightly more sober friend- with a mischievous smile, dared the two who glugged in the vanilla to tip their bowls over their heads for 3 seconds. Not to backdown from a dare, they…..

On the exact third second, the frosting PLOPPED on their heads with a constipated flatulence sound. There was an immediate shock of silence, followed by deafening laughter!!! GOOD GRIEF, we were all rolling around the floor laughing like crazy loons until tears ran down our faces. Luckily the joy carried over to the next day, when the families delighted in the warm fresh baked soft cinnamon rolls that made Christmas morning a bit more special.

Smell envoke memories so whenever I smell cinnamon and vanilla, I immediately recall the spiked eggnog frosting incident. And since I often bake with those two ingredients, I’m often found smiling and laughing during my solo baking sessions.”

Judging by the cinnamon rolls pictured here, we would call it a success, despite the eggnog!!