This is a story about one great mother-daughter duo. Heart warming and touching on Daniela’s part: Daniela

“Although I am not one to talk about my daughter’s problems out loud, I thought this story was a pretty significant one with a happy ending.

My daughter was invited to a Christmas Cookie Party organized by a few girls from school. Some of the girls invited to the party weren’t being that great with her at school, so she was kind of iffy on the whole idea of going. Once she realized that one of her good friends was going, she decided to go just to see if she would have a good time. My husband and I dropped her off at the party and we let her go. From her experience at the party, she got there and tried to socialize with the girls who were there, as well as her friend who was also invited to the party. The more attempts she tried to talk to them, the less they paid attention to her. She said that as much as she tried to just talk to them about anything and everything or try to be a part of a conversation, nothing seemed to work and she felt hopeless. She said that even her own friend ignored her and paid no mind to her at all. She thought that once they started decorating cookies it might change. Nope. She was wrong. She stood at the corner of the table scared to ask if someone could pass her a cookie, the frosting bag, or the sprinkles, knowing that she would get a dirty glare in return. From what it looked like to her, she felt that she was only invited to either just fill the space in and or just be a partner with her “supposedly good friend.” Turns out, it was just that. When it came to the time that they would have to make gingerbread houses, it was supposed to be a 2 person thing from what it looked like. Obviously, like I said before, she noticed that she was invited to just be a partner with her “supposedly good friend.” With that issue in mind, she realized that everyone else had a partner but her. She felt like she was the outcast of the group and she soon enough felt embarrassed.

Determined to finish forming her gingerbread house, she sent my husband and I a text saying, “I want to go home, but I want to try finishing this gingerbread house.” As parents, we were curious as to what made her want to go home and we asked her why, her reply was this, “I was obviously only invited to fill the space, so and so didn’t even try talking to me, and I want to show these girls that I can make a good gingerbread house without their help.” After our conversation with her, we agreed to let her stay another 30 minutes to see how far she could get with her gingerbread house.

Since the gingerbread house came from a box and it was all kind of new to her to just form a gingerbread house from a box with very few ingredients and frosting, she realized that as she thought that her gingerbread was staying up and ready to be frosted and decorated, it slide all the way down to the platform. After her several attempts to keep that gingerbread house up, she decided to call it quits. Since no one seemed to want to help her and she felt hopeless trying to keep a sliding gingerbread house together, she knew enough was enough. She asked the host mother if she could have something to take her gingerbread house home to see if she could get it to stay at home. We picked her up a few minutes later and she told me this in the car ride home, “Mom, I don’t want to throw this gingerbread house away. I want to see if it’ll stay up with OUR frosting and not this funky one that came in the box.” My response, “You know what? That sounds like a good idea. Once we get home, we can whip up a good batch of frosting and let’s frost this puppy!” I noticed that as soon as I said that, she smiled from cheek to cheek, knowing that she finally had someone willing to help her out on her gingerbread house. I showed her an idea I found on Pinterest of a pastel colored gingerbread house that I thought she would like. She was fascinated by the idea of a pastel colored gingerbread house and we proceeded to scrape off any of the “funky frosting” on her gingerbread house.

As we continued to successfully put together the gingerbread house with our frosting and decorate the house with our own personal touches, she noticed that even though no one helped her out on her own gingerbread house at the party, she knew that mom would be there to lift her spirits and help her whip up a good batch of frosting to make a better and well thought out gingerbread house. And so, we did. =)”

A beautiful mom, and a beautiful gingerbread house!