I came across this contest to share the best, worst or funniest baking story. This is my best baking story, but not in the traditional sense. In this story my cake doesn’t turn out perfectly. It only happened yesterday. Over the past few months , my husband and I started baking together, and posting pictures of our cakes on Facebook. Randomly, a friend of a friend ( a woman neither of us knew) commented on a cake we made, and asked about making one for her granddaughter, Layla’s first birthday. Slightly taken aback by her praise the answer was, “sure sounds fun”. Then there was no response for an entire day. When she responded back she asked that her stop in communication be excused, because her granddaughter ( the very one she inquired about a cake for) had been taken to the hospital. She then went on to explain that Layla had been through three major surgeries, and may be in the hospital at the time of her birthday. After wiping the tears from my face I said I would be praying for her, and would be happy to bake some treats to bring to the hospital for the family and maybe the birthday girl to share. The woman we were speaking with over Facebook expressed her sincere gratitude and appreciation in our offer to bring over treats immediately. If we had not been baking and posting pictures on Facebook, we may have never known about this brave little soon-to-be one year old.